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Need Family Law Advice?

Our free service will help you choose a solicitor that you can trust.

Why Advocate Family Law?

We've been in your situation and provide the help that we wish we'd had access to...


Andrew has been helping men and women negotiate their way through relationship breakdown for almost twenty years following his own experience of divorce. He is a qualified (non-practising) Barrister with specialism in Family Law and sits as a Family Court Magistrate. Andrew is passionate about the pastoral aspects of supporting people at such challenging times - not simply during the divorce process but as they find their feet and rebuild their lives.

Who do we help?

Men and women that need support in a family law issue.

We can help in most situations, here are just a few examples of what clients have said about us...

"Just Fantastic"

Going through a separation and/or divorce is a terrible time for anyone. I was completely clueless about how it would work. I was very vulnerable as my relationship with my ex was very volatile. Andrew has been fantastic throughout this process. He liaises with my solicitor if needed and explains the legal jargon to me. Quite frankly I don't think I could have gotten through without him and I still have a way to go.


All of this support and it's absolutely FREE! There is no catch here. If you need help navigating through a divorce whatever stage you are at, I'd highly recommend calling Advocate Family Law.

"An Invaluable Resource"

This has been an invaluable resource at a challenging time. The advice given was detailed and carefully explained with a great deal of empathy which I was grateful for. The person I spoke with went out of the way to be helpful to me and also was kind enough to send me a follow up email and we spoke again. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Andrew is a great support and help during some of the most dark hours, providing a pathway through a daunting system. Thank you.

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